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A journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step, but that first step is often years in the making. Find out what's in store for fans of 7 Hawthorne Street.

I’m glad you’re here!

This is a “new” venture many years in the making. The quotes are apropos because nothing is the result of a single flash of inspiration. Instead, it’s built much like a sculpture — painstaking bit-by-bit removal of stone until the vision emerges from the block. The artwork is, in a sense, already in there. It simply needs the hands of the master artisan to free it.

Like the sculptor, I’ve spent the last several years ruminating on what I wanted to to do with my life, chipping away the block as I pursued a career in Corporate Communications and digital design and later web design and development.

All that time spent in service to private industry reinforced the need for a learning platform that focused on empowering those of us who choose to create content in a digital environment. What I learned is that content creation (whatever the content, whatever the platform) is not a single skill but three in particular: the ability to write well and be heard; design acumen; and the ability to think flexibly. Underlying all this is the creative process.

The challenge I often hear from content creators is how to get the best stuff out of them and grow through their work. That’s the focal point of this site.

I want to empower folks who have to create — whether you’re a small business owner building a brand, a create-on-demand professional, or anyone who wants to connect with their audience of one. You’ll find the resources here to help you grow.

To do this, I’ll discuss conventional techniques from an unconventional viewpoint. How do we take these common patterns and techniques and build a virtuous process that works for us?

I can’t prescribe, but I can inspire and point to a path of self-discovery. There’s no magical formula here, but we’ll work to reduce something complex to its simplest form for ease of application. With a little work, you can grow your abilities to creative capacity.

In short, that is what this site is all about: unconventional thinking and empowering Creators to bring their work to life.

My Promise

My promise to you is to provide you with a wealth of content that you can use to learn, grow, effectively communicate and inspire change in the world. By using the real-world experience I’ve gained and tapping into the experiences of others, I can empower you to be successful.

At 7 Hawthorne Street, we’re focused on four areas that are critical to the process of creating great content:

  • Writing
  • Design
  • Thinking
  • Underpinnings

And the concepts that bind them all together.

The Journey Starts Now

You can expect to find a growing library of tutorials, trainings, and resources. Many of these will be offered for free; many will be available for sale. We’re still in the process of building out the initial trainings we’re going to offer.

So, if all this talk has whetted your curiosity, join the community to receive our newsletter and get exclusive access to the latest stories and products. I also encourage you to share this post with others and spread the word about what we’re doing here.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your creative journey.


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